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The Covenant Family


Matt Jacob, a local pastor, will be teaching our Wednesday night Adult Auditorium Class, starting on September 30th through December 2nd .  Below is a description on the content of what he will be teaching.

Join us as we examine how God’s meaning and purpose for families is being lost in the West and what we can do to recover and protect it for the glory of God.

Western culture today is attempting to reshape the meaning and purpose of the family. This effort has affected the church more than many Christians realize. In this series, we address this dilemma and consider how we can protect the integrity of the family for the glory of God. We are reminded that such preservation comes by the saving grace of God alone as He uses husbands, wives, children, the church, and family worship to raise up faithful families. By God’s grace, as we follow the Lord’s principles, future generations will be able to look back and see a faithful Christian witness to the biblical understanding of the family.

Right Now Media

right now

A new media resource is now available to all church members and attendees.  If you have not received your invite via email please let us know by calling the church office.  These media resources are completely free.  There are many videos for children, as well as video and Bible studies for men and women on many topics.